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My non-fiction work, a memoir, opens to my joyful moments, and reveals traumatic episodes of my life. The mental and physical anguish I experience turn painful issues into a creative life. I invite my readers to share this cathartic journey in the hope of helping others deal with strong emotions which crippled me: issues such as change, ego, shame, betrayal,  religion, sex & violence, and regrets. I know that's a lot of debris to get through! However, Happiness and living in the NOW are also themes I explore, beautiful ideas for healing oneself which I gained from fabulous pieces of literature and esteemed life-coaches. The former and the latter led me to greater self-understanding, and self-acceptance. Join me in this journey of the human condition. Prepare to be surprised at what you learn about yourself! (photos; mature content)



Passionate Late-Bloomer Talks Life, Literature, and Personal Empowerment




Amazon Reviews:
'Raw, Gutsy, Uplifting...I couldn't put it down.... message of perseverance, inner strength.'
'A Masterclass in Courage & Fortitude...well-documented work...should be required reading in courses...Social Work & Psychology.'
'Loved it! the best & most uplifting contemporary autobiography I have read this year...strongly recommended!'
'A Tour de Force': to read the whole is to come to understand an interesting & complex person...writing this tome may have been cathartic, reading it may be too.'

BookBabyShop: Recommended for USA purchasers



Young people have stories to tell. They have things to say. Their feelings need expression whatever the issues.Monologues for Youth Volume 1 makes a great outlet for emotional issues.


What better way to release this pent-up energy than speaking, vocalizing from the theatrical masks of drama?




The Monologues 



" Sylvia's...short but deeply moving real, in the way of a stunning work of fiction."~ Vicki Addesso 


"Sylvia's writing is quite beautiful...highly recommend this book to parents and teachers, for it offers valuable insights into the minds of those they are dealing with everyday." ~ Adriana


"Great writing...fascinating adolescent stories. It is sometimes said that five star ratings are given to reviews too readily, but this book deserves it." ~Gerald Wiener - UK.

A dozen pieces ...voices of adults who speak of yearning, love, and loss.  Come for the joy of story/Stay for the thrill of words/Linger in the shared integrity of emotion/Then leave, understanding your humanity...

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